2011/2012 Season


The How and The Why

by Sarah Treem
directed by Seth Rozin


Janis Dardaris Zelda
Victoria Frings Rachel


Susan Smythe Costume Designer
Meghan Jones Set Designer
Scott Burgess Sound Designer
Peter Whinnery Lighting Designer

On the eve of a prestigious conference, an up-and-coming evolutionary biologist wrestles for the truth with an established leader in the field. Their real challenge has been negotiating the fiercely male-dominated enterprise of academic science, where a female perspective has rarely been considered…until now. But the two trail-blazing women share more than a passion for science, as the revelation of long-held secrets threatens to change change their personal trajectories. Evolution and emotion collide in this thought-provoking new play about science, family and the survival of the fittest.



by Mike Lew
directed by Seth Rozin


Kevin Bergen Bennett
Hannah Gold Lydia
Dave Johnson Randy, et al.
Bi Jean Ngo Beta Test, et al
Maia Desanti Chavez, et al.
Frank X Acquah, Frankfurt, et al.



Anna Frangiosa Costume Designer
Caitlin Lainoff Set Designer
Mark Valenzuela Sound Designer
Peter Whinnery Lighting Designer

What happens when wheeler-dealers on Wall Street use the Nobel Prize-winning concept of microcredit to ravage the world economy? Fast on the heels of the current recession, MicroCrisis is a scathing satire that follows a smart, slick, big-version banker as he draws a gaggle of innocent do-gooders into an outrageous global lending scheme, bouncing seamlessly between the U.S., Ghana, and Monaco. Never stopping to consider the destruction in their wake, the banker and his unwitting accomplices try desperately to stay one step ahead of the game.


Outside The Frame Festival

Various Artists

We have searched far and wide to bring together this first-time festival of presented works that illuminate the richness and complexity of our contemporary world. The festival will showcase an exciting array of acclaimed and engaging first-person narratives that celebrate and challenge our American identity.

You’re Gonna Cry
Young Voices Monologue Festival
Draw the Circle
Lay of the Land


Etched in Skin on a Sunlit Night

by Kara Lee Corthron
directed by
Whit MacLaughlin


Phyllis Johnson Jules
Ian Bedford Olafur
Jered McLenigan Jonsi/Man on street
Aria Jones Kina
Akeem Davis Warton


Rosemarie McKelvey Costume Designer
Tim Brown Set Designer
Rob Kaplowitz Sound Designer
Maria Shaplin Lighting Designer

Commissioned by InterAct in 2009, this intense and theatrical drama about lust, betrayal, and culture clash marks the arrival of one of the most exciting new voices in American theatre. The compelling story follows Jules, an African-American painter who has fled the U.S. under mysterious circumstances and embraced a whole new life and family in Iceland. As Barack Obama’s meteoric presidential campaign makes Jules more homesick than ever, her husband presents their biracial daughter with a shocking present, and a hometown visitor shows up at Jules’s studio. This whirlwind of events brings the demons of Jules’s past crashing down on her new family, and challenges her sense of racial and personal identity.