2012/2013 Season


The Exit Interview

by William Missouri Downs
directed by Seth Rozin


Dan Hodge Dick Fig
Cheryl Williams Eunice
Jennifer MacMillan Actress #1
Meghan Malloy Actress #2
David Bardeen Actor #1
Eric Kramer Actor #2


Natalia Delatorre Costume Designer
Roman Tatarowicz Set Designer
Mark Valenzuela Sound Designer
Peter Whinnery Lighting Designer

Do things really happen for a reason? This raucous comedy breaks every theatre convention in the book in search of an answer. Bertolt Brecht scholar Dick Fig has been fired from his university position and is having an excruciating exit interview with Eunice – a droll administrator. Eunice engages in small talk. Dick expounds on existential theories. Together, they experience divine communiques, lectures on science and religion, shameless advertisements, offensive cheerleadings, and ever-closer attacks by a masked gunman.



by David Robson
directed by Seth Reichgott


Brian Wilson FRANK
Dwayne Thomas LEWIS


Maggie Baker Costume Designer
Dirk Durossett Set Designer
Ashley Turner Sound Designer
James Leitner Lighting Designer


Inspired by true events, this taut drama opens 30 years after a brutal on-field hit left a professional football player paralyzed for life. Now, his attacker, “the Assassin,” is battling diabetes and alcoholism, and seeking a televised mea culpa with his victim. But, what begins as a careful cat-and-mouse game between the retired football star and the now-quadriplegic’s lawyer quickly evolves into a volatile evening of stinging accusations and startling confessions.


Permanent Collection

by Thomas Gibbons
directed by Seth Rozin


Alice Gatling Corryn
Karen Peakes Heather


Susan Smythe Costume Designer
Colin McIlvaine Set Designer
Daneil Kontz Sound Designer
Maria Shaplin Lighting Designer


Inspired by events at Philadelphia’s storied Barnes Foundation, this compelling drama follows a suburban museum’s newly hired Executive Director, whose ideas for making adjustments to the permanent collection set off a firestorm of racially-charged controversies, within and beyond the institution’s hallowed walls. Permanent Collection garnered critical acclaim and the 2004 Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play, before being produced at dozens of theaters across the country.


Some Other Kind of Person

by Eric Pfeffinger
directed by Paul Meshejian


David Ingram BILL
Brenny Rabine CARA
Victoria Chau ANGKAT
Nandita Shenoy LAKSHMI


Rosemarie McKelvey Costume Designer
Caitlin Lainoff Set Designer
Christopher Colucci Sound Designer
Shannon Zura Lighting Designer

This scathing satire follows Bill, a hapless, middle-management yes-man, on business in Cambodia, where he finds himself at a brothel teeming with underage sex workers. Summoning what little moral outrage he has, he attempts to liberate one of the girls – by buying her. Back at the hotel, his loquacious associate will say just about anything to seal a business deal, and an emotionally fragile woman seeks to save her failing marriage by adopting a Cambodian baby. No one is spared in this surprisingly humorous riff on American goodwill abroad.