2013/2014 Season


We are proud to present a presentation about the Herero of Namibia, formerly known as Southwest Africa, from the German Sudwestafrika between the years 1884-1915

by Jackie Sibblies Drury
directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh


Aime Kelly
Black Woman/Another Sarah
JaBen Early Actor 2/Black Man
James Ijames
Actor 4/Another Black Man
Jamison Foreman
Actor 2/Another White Man
Kevin Meehan Actor 1/White Man
Miriam White Actor 5/Sarah


Carolyn Mraz Set Design
Katherine Fritz Costume Design
Cecilia Durbin Lighting Design
Elizabeth Atkinson Sound Design

An ensemble of actors comes together to create a play about an obscure 20th century genocide--but from the mire of creativity, hidden hatred and dormant violence bubble to the surface, forcing these “post-race” millennials to confront their true natures.


Gidion's Knot

by Johnna Adams
directed by Seth Rozin


Alice M. Gatling Corryn
Karen Peakes Heather


Colin McIlvaine Set Design
Susan Smythe Costume Design
Maria Shaplin Lighting Design
Daniel Kontz Sound Design

A grieving mother looking for answers for her son's death, and a bewildered teacher on the brink of losing what she holds dear, collide in a parent/teacher conference that becomes an intense battle to understand the vivid, tortured inner life of one extraordinary ten year-old boy.

Winner: 2014 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Play (Alice Gatling)


Down Past Passyunk

A World Premiere

by A. Zell Williams
directed by Matt Pfeiffer


Brian Cowden Stanley Drago
Alex Keiper Sophia Grillo
Kittson O’Neill Tambrey Walker
Bobby Plasencia Ignacio Guerrero
William Rahill Vince Turati
Alice Yorke Emma/Cameraperson
William Zielinski Nicky Grillo


Drew Billiau Lighting Design
Ian Guzzone Set Design
Alison Roberts Costume Design
Christopher Colucci Sound Design

Ever since he told a customer to "speak English," Nicky Grillo, the third-generation owner of Grillo's Steaks in South Philly--pits himself against his spirited daughter, his oldest friend, and his own rapidly diversifying community. In the City of Brotherly Love, how far will one man go to keep his neighborhood All-American?

Winner: 2014 Independence Foundation Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play
Winner: 2014 Barrymore Award for Outstanding Overall Production of a Play


Ritu Comes Homes

An InterAct World Premiere

by Peter Gil-Sheridan
directed by Seth Rozin


David Bardeen Jason
Annie Henk Yesenia
Becca Khalil Ritu
Jered McLenigan Brendan
Amar Srivastava Akash


Rosemarie McKelvey Costume Design
Roman Tatarowicz Set Design
Mark Valenzuela Sound Design
Peter Whinnery Lighting Design

Brendan and Jason proudly pay 80 cents a day to support their “adopted” Bangladeshi daughter--until the child-turned-teenager magically appears in their living room, turning everyone’s life upside down in this irreverent romp exploring the meaning of family in an increasingly globalized world.

Commissioned by InterAct in 2009