2015/2016 Season


A World Premiere

by Kristoffer Diaz
directed by Seth Rozin


Brett Ashley Robinson The Revolution
Mary Tuomanen The Witness
Anita Holland The Muscle
Stephanie N. Walters Aurora
Richard Chan Harvey/Charlie


Colin Mcilvaine Set Design
Katherine Fritz Costume Design
Peter Whinnery Lighting Design
Christopher Colucci Sound Design

After an impulsive, social‐media driven, revolution upends inequality in America, two young women try to navigate the unforeseen challenges that come with driving out the “powers‐that‐be”, when they are swiftly thrust into newly-acquired roles as leaders. As they recognize the ability to compel people to adhere to their own brand of social justice they start to investigate just what else it is they can do.


Straight White Men


by Young Jean Lee
directed by Matt Pfeiffer


Dan Kern Ed
Tim Dugan Jake
Kevin Meehan Drew
Steven Rishard Matt


Shannon Zura Lighting Design
Samina Vieth Set Design
Alison Roberts Costume Design
Larry D. Fowler, Jr. Sound Design

Every Christmas, Ed and his three sons get together, eat Chinese takeout, and unleash well-worn inside jokes while reminiscing about their unusual childhood. But this holiday season they are forced to consider a pivotal cultural reality underneath their constructed lives. Part deeply comedic social artifact, part emotional time-bomb, all framed in the context of a typical "living room" drama, Lee’s funny and moving play ultimately poses this tantalizing question: What does it mean to do the “right thing” as a straight white man?


The Nether


by Jennifer Haley
directed by Seth Rozin


Bi Jean Ngo Morris
Greg Wood Sims
Tim Moyer Doyle
Griffin Stanton-Ameisen Woodnut
Iris Emi Branes-Huff


Janus Stefanowicz Costume Design
Melpomene Katakalos Set Design
Rob Kaplowitz Sound Design
Maria Shaplin Lighting Design

In a dystopian future, a young detective investigates cyber-ethical crimes perpetrated in an addictive virtual universe. When an alluring suspect conjures up the disturbing real-world consequences of depraved online desires, Haley’s thrilling futurist parable incites a relentless search for what is tangible inside the ether of the net. 

Nominated for 3 2016 Barrymore Awards, including Outstanding Overall Production of a Play