2019-20 Season

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EUREKA DAY by Jonathan Spector 
October 25 – November 17, 2019

At Eureka Day School in Berkeley, all decisions are made by consensus and diversity of opinion is valued. But when a mumps outbreak hits the school, it turns out that not everyone in this conscious community has the same definition of social justice. Now the board of parent-directors must confront one of the central questions of our time: how do you find consensus when you can’t agree on the facts?

An exceptional play… laugh-out-loud funny, yet with an intelligent and introspective perspective. – Berkleyside

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MAN OF GOD by Anna Moench
January 24 – February 16, 2020

Four Korean-American teenage girls are on a Christian mission in the Red Light district of Bangkok, Thailand. They have very different attitudes, and they made this trip for very different reasons. But when one of them discovers a hidden camera in their hotel bathroom, they are unified in imagining ghastly revenge on the person (or persons) spying on them. Inspired by a true story, Moench’s dark comedy MAN OF GOD explores just how invasive, pervasive and perverse the male gaze can be.   

A captivatingly creepy comedy. – Los Angeles Times

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THE NICETIES by Eleanor Burgess
March 27 – April 19, 2020

When a renowned history professor, Janine, and her brilliant student, Zoe, don’t see eye to eye on Zoe’s thesis about the role slavery played in the American revolution, their conversation unexpectedly careens off course—and threatens to derail their careers, their lives and the status quo. Two extraordinary women square off in a high-stakes debate over race, power, and who gets the final word on how history is written.

Provocative and blisteringly smart. – The Boston Globe

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STEAL HER BONES by Thomas Gibbons
May 29 – June 21, 2020

Who was Diana Goodwin? The public knows her as a celebrated scientist and an outspoken atheist. For over two decades, Ellen has known her as a lover, a life partner and a best friend. But after Diana’s death, theologian Martin Banks claims to have met with her in her final days and witnessed her acceptance of the existence of God. Now Ellen must choose whether to grieve her great love in private or engage in public battle over what Diana truly believed. STEAL HER BONES dramatizes the age-old conflict between reason and faith, while exploring a deeper mystery: who owns our legacy after we’re gone?

A world premiere from the mind behind PERMANENT COLLECTION and UNCANNY VALLEY