A prime location.
A model of collaboration.
A modest financial commitment.

A dynamic new performance space.

InterAct has transformed the former ballroom of The Drake (1512 Spruce Street, Philadelphia) into a new, dual theater facility in the heart of the City’s cultural district.

PlayPennSimpatico Theatre ProjectAzuka Theatre, and Inis Nua Theatre have joined InterAct as Resident Partners at The Drake, which hosts 250+ performances of world and Philadelphia premiere productions, new play readings and workshops, classes, and public conversations for over 18,000 patrons, annually.

With charitable donations amounting to $2.9 million, The Drake has been cultivated as a social and artistic hub for the region’s burgeoning “new play” community. With the 120 seat Proscenium Theatre, the flexible 75-seat Louis Bluver Theatre, and two lobbies, the new venue is a place where theatre makers come to read, write, research, discuss, exchange, devise, rehearse, and attend new plays.

At The Drake, audiences enjoy a newly renovated venue with comfortable seats and leg room, 10 modern public bathrooms, expanded concessions, a fully appointed box office, and spacious lobbies.

‘We immediately felt we had to move aggressively,’ Rozin said recently. ‘What was the dance stage was the size of the Adrienne stage. The ceilings were 15 feet, not 10 feet. There were no pillars. We quickly realized we’d want to put in two theaters in that huge space.’
— Philadelphia Inquirer

By the end of 2017, we completed a multi-year capital campaign to raise an estimated $2.97M to be spent in the following ways:

  • Theatre Design, Renovations, & Construction = $2,123,900

  • Lighting, audio & other theatrical equipment = $458,100

  • Marketing, Fundraising, & Administrative Support = $90,096

  • Reserve Fund for Fiscal Responsibility = $300,000

Unlike many theater facility projects, InterAct has a long-term lease (as opposed to owning its venue). The total financial commitment, including the capital campaign and the 15-year lease at The Drake, is less than $5 million dollars.

Thank you to all who contributed to InterAct’s long-term sustainability at The Drake!


Become an InterAct donor!

If you would like more information on the Campaign for the Drake, contact Managing Director, Ann Garner at agarner@interacttheatre.org, or by phone at 215-568-8077 x102. 


Drake Campaign FAQ

Where is InterAct moving?

InterAct Theatre Company is moving into its new home at The Drake (1512 Spruce Street) after 18 years at The Adrienne.

The Drake will also be home for four other resident partners — PlayPennSimpatico Theatre ProjectAzuka Theatre and Inis Nua Theatre Company— transforming the former University of the Arts dance space into a vibrant hub for new and contemporary plays.

When is InterAct moving?

We are kicking off our 2015/16 Season at The Drake in January 2016 with a production of #therevolution by Kristoffer Diaz directed by Seth Rozin. 

Where are InterAct's offices now?

InterAct has a new permanent address at The Drake:

All productions take place in the Proscenium Theatre at The Drake. Please use this address for mail, phone, in-person ticket purchases

302 S. Hicks Street, Philadelphia, PA 19102


Alternative Mailing Address (for mail)

P.O. Box 22478, Philadelphia, PA 19110

Why is InterAct moving?

“A great opportunity presented itself at the right time, and made sense at this juncture in our evolution,” says InterAct’s Producing Artistic Director and Founder Seth Rozin.

“The Drake will provide new opportunities for artistic advancement; with higher ceilings, no structural pillars on stage, and no sound interference between the theatres, InterAct and the resident partners will be able to present higher quality productions. And we’ll be able to provide a better audience experience at the box office, in the lobbies, and in the theatres. The Drake is an ideal location in the heart of Center City, with plenty of parking nearby.  Along with our partners, we’re building a robust venue with year-round activity, as well as a stronger, more sustainable business model for all of us.”

Who are the resident partners? What is their role?

Joining InterAct at The Drake as Resident Partners are:

Simpatico Theatre Project
Azuka Theatre
Inis Nua Theatre Company

This premier new theatre space at The Drake will be the only venue in Philadelphia that is home to multiple theatre companies, as well as a social and artistic hub for the region’s burgeoning “new play” community of playwrights, dramaturgs, directors and other theater makers.

InterAct and the resident partners will collectively host more than 250+ performances of world and Philadelphia premiere productions, new play readings and workshops, classes and public conversations for more than 18,000 patrons, annually. An additional 50-75 performances by regular and one-time renters will serve another estimated 2,000 patrons.

What are the benefits of moving to the Drake?

The Drake will feature two spaces ideal for developing and presenting new work:

  • a 120 fixed-seat proscenium stage
  • a 75-seat flexible stage

The Drake will also feature numerous advantages:

  • No obstructive pillars on stage or in the audience
  • Improved sight-lines for all
  • Comfortable seats and adequate legroom
  • High ceilings allowing for more subtle lighting and less distraction from lighting instruments
  • Two theaters that can operate simultaneously, each with its own lobby
  • Opportunity for state-of-the-art theatre equipment
  • Expanded concessions, larger restrooms
  • Improved safety features

Will InterAct change?

InterAct’s mission and programs will remain the same. We’ll continue to produce four professional productions each season, focusing on contemporary plays that explore the social, political and cultural issues of our time.

Will InterAct’s seating change?

InterAct’s theatre seating will remain general admission for at least the first season at The Drake. InterAct subscribers enjoy the benefit of requesting seating based on special needs.