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Directors Gathering (DG) Fellows + InterAct Core Playwrights and The Foundry @ PlayPenn

6 local directors.  6 local playwrights.  6 local new play collaborations.  Join Directors Gathering (DG), InterAct, and The Foundry@PlayPenn as they host the (DG) Fellows and InterAct Core and The Foundry Playwrights for two Sundays of visually rendered readings as part of InterAct’s June-A-Palooza!

Each director + playwright team has been paired together by (DG), InterAct, and The Foundry.  These pairings arrived through the artists' unique voices and their interests in developing a piece that felt ready to the playwright for a director's visual/conceptual eye and potential on-feet work.  

Presented on June 24:

By Core Playwright L Feldman
Directed by (DG) Fellow Christine Freije

By Core Playwright David Jacobi
Directed by (DG) Fellow Elaina DiMonaco 

By Foundry Member Brie Knight
Directed by (DG) Fellow Brey Ann Barrett

Directors Gathering (DG) is a start-up non-profit that develops and elevates Philadelphia theatre directors through master classes, director-centric performance platforms, and (DG) Fellows, a season-long residency for early-career directors. Learn more at

InterAct's Core Playwrights Program offers artistic and professional development to four local playwrights. The program is a two-year journey designed to bring the Core Playwrights closer to their full potential through one-on-one dramaturgy, developmental readings, and professional development. Learn more at

The Foundry @ PlayPenn provides a free three-year membership program to support emerging playwrights in Philadelphia with professional development, networking opportunities, and exposure as they launch their professional playwriting careers. More at"