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InterAct Theatre Company presents STEAL HER BONES by Thomas Gibbons

The newest play from the writer of PERMANENT COLLECTION.

Diana Goodwin, a renowned evolutionary biologist, is also an outspoken atheist, publicly debating evangelists about the age of the Earth and intelligent design. When she is diagnosed with cancer, she is forced to cancel a debate with Martin Banks, a theologian. Several weeks after her death, Banks publishes an article entitled "Diana Goodwin's Final Debate," revealing that Diana had invited him to her house to hold their debate privately, and on the basis of her words he believes that she came to accept the existence of God. A bitter public battle erupts over Diana’s memory, and her partner Ellen, a reclusive artist, faces a choice—grieve in silence or confront Banks over what she sees as a fraudulent misrepresentation of Diana’s final days. As the play moves between the present and Martin and Diana's encounter, STEAL HER BONES dramatizes the clash between reason and faith, contrasting interpretations of memory, and explores a deeper mystery: Is it possible to truly know the person we most love?