• InterAct Theatre Company 302 South Hicks Street Philadelphia, PA, 19102 United States

In the raw, ever-pumping, kitchen of a busy Wall Street restaurant, George -- a master chef with a dark and tortured past -- rules over his crew with the swagger of a giant. While grappling his  inner demons George has to manage two Guatemalan cooks, a nosy busboy, and an a-hole of a boss. But he forges an unlikely personal connection with the dishwasher, Steve, a mysteriously reserved  African immigrant.  Fast-paced and gritty, Snider’s pressure-cooker drama explores both the personal and moral questions that arise when the ugliness of the past boils over. 



After this performance we invite you to a brief, optional (20-30 minute), audience discussion session in the theatre. This discussion will be facilitated by a local artist and is included as an opportunity for our InterAct audiences to talk about what they experienced during the performance and connect about the themes this play reflects.

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