Using theatre as an educational tool, InterAction Residencies & Workshops teach a multitude of life skills.

InterAction helps participants build self-esteem and fosters the belief that they can be successful in their personal and professional lives.


For Youth

Residencies and Workshops for Youth help young people grapple with difficult issues in a safe and constructive environment. Our exercises stimulate dialogue on topics like trust, peer pressure, drugs, violence, pop culture, stereotyping, communication, intolerance, group dynamics, sex, homophobia, and social responsibility.


For Adults

College and Corporate Workshops explore issues such as diversity, communication, conflict resolution, stereotypes, racism, and sexism. Featuring a performance by professional actors, a post-show discussion, and interactive activities, these workshops strive to get to possible causes, as well solutions, of important issues.


Residencies and workshops may involve:

  • a performance by professional actors

  • topical discussion leadership

  • theater exercises

  • creation and rehearsal of a theatre piece

  • a culminating performance. 

Workshops last 2 - 3 hours. Residencies may last 2 - 40 days.