InterAct utilizes theatre as a tool to promote civic discourse and stimulate dialogue around the most pressing and complex issues we face in contemporary society.

Uncanny Valley, 2015

Uncanny Valley, 2015

InterAct values ARTISTIC RISK, which we express by maintaining a robust commitment to producing new plays.  Through its world premiere productions, active involvement in play development, commissions and development programs, Core Playwrights program, and leadership role with the National New Play Network, InterAct has established itself as the region’s leading proponent of new plays. 

Gidion's Knot , 2013

Gidion's Knot, 2013

You For Me For You , 2016

You For Me For You, 2016

InterAct values CIVIC ENGAGEMENT, which we express by tackling plays of societal relevance, and fostering positive social discourse around the important, complex, sometimes controversial stories, issues and ideas contained in those plays. Through our post-performance talk backs, our free public convenings and symposia, and our partnerships with community and academic organizations, InterAct consistently offers its constituents opportunities to deepen their engagement with the thematic content in its plays.

InterAct values DIVERSITY, which we express by being extremely mindful in our play selection, our artistic and administrative hiring practices, our venue design and long-term efforts to develop non-traditional theatergoing audiences.