By the end of 2017, we completed a multi-year capital campaign to raise an estimated $2.97M to be spent in the following ways:

  • Theatre Design, Renovations, & Construction = $2,123,900

  • Lighting, audio & other theatrical equipment = $458,100

  • Marketing, Fundraising, & Administrative Support = $90,096

  • Reserve Fund for Fiscal Responsibility = $300,000

Unlike many theater facility projects, InterAct has a long-term lease (as opposed to owning its venue). The total financial commitment, including the capital campaign and the 15-year lease at The Drake, is less than $5 million dollars.

Thank you to all who contributed to InterAct’s long-term sustainability at The Drake!


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If you would like more information on the Campaign for the Drake, contact Managing Director, Ann Garner at, or by phone at 215-568-8077 x102.