InterAct’s mission is to produce new plays that explore the challenging political and social questions of our times. We strongly recommend that you read our mission statement and list of previously produced plays before submitting.

To submit your play please send

  • A one-page query letter including a brief description of your play and a few sentences explaining how it fits our mission

  • A brief biography

  • A ten-page excerpt from your script



InterAct receives between 500 and 600 queries and submissions per season so we ask that you please be patient in waiting for a response. If we wish to read your play in its entirety we will contact you and request the complete script. Once we receive your script it will likely take between six and twelve months for us to read it.

Please note: at this time we do not produce conventional musicals or related bills of one-acts.

Tips for submitting your play to us

  • DO take at least two or three paragraphs for the synopsis of the play. We do not need a detailed breakdown of plot by act and scene, just make sure we get general themes and major plot points. DO NOT give a one-or two sentence statement with a few buzzwords. This doesn’t tell us anything useful.

  • DO include a character breakdown and BE SPECIFIC about how many actors the play requires, especially if it is not clear from the cast list. Keep in mind InterAct rarely produces plays that require more than six actors.

  • DO NOT submit a roster of plays and ask if we may be interested in reading one of them. These inquiries will be discarded. Please take the time to read our mission statement and select one play to submit to us.

  • DO NOT submit a full script without first submitting a query unless you are a literary agent or have a past relationship with InterAct.

  • DO NOT query by phone or regular mail.

  • DO NOT call or email to check on the progress of your query or script once you have submitted it. Do, however, feel free to let us know about any major development or production.