2017/2018 Season

Broken Stones

Based on an extremely true story. Fact: priceless artifacts were looted from The Baghdad Museum in 2003 during the Iraq War. Fact: A U.S. marine went in to investigate who was responsible. Everything else is open for interpretation. When a well-meaning veteran meets his ghostwriter, mythologies mix, truth is refashioned into click bait, and reality itself begins to shift. Kennedy’s world premiere is an intense, cinematic thriller that examines the appropriation of narrative and just what it means to print the legend.

by Fin Kennedy
directed by Seth Rozin


Charlotte Northeast
The Writer
Rand Guerrero
Steven Wright
Nazli Sarpkaya
Nadia/Polonsky/Zahra/Nina/Kerry/ Maria
Joe Guzmán
Peter Bisgaier* 
Collins/Sinan/The Director/Simon
Daniel Barland 
Najla Said* 

Production Team

Fin Kennedy Playwright
Seth Rozin Director
Kittson O'Neill Dramaturg
Nick Embree Set Designer
Larry Fowler Sound Designer
Peter Whinnery Lighting Designer
Natalia de la Torre Costume Designer
Emily Schuman Properties Designer
Lauren Tracy Production Manager
Tom Helmer Stage Manager/InterAct
Philadelphia Scenic Works Scene Shop
Christa Federico Assistant Stage Manager


Sensitive Guys

Is it enough just to be “working on your sh*t?” In the safe spaces of a small liberal arts college, the student-led Men’s Peer Education Group and women’s Survivor Support Group work together on an ambitious plan to eradicate all sexual violence everywhere in just five years. They've got it all together -- until an incident throws their ideals into question. Five female and non-binary performers inhabit both male and female roles in this social satire about complicity and what it really takes to face the patriarchy.

by MJ Kaufman
directed by Evren Odcikin


Emily Lynn
Bi Jean Ngo
Lexie Braverman
Maggie Johnson
Admissions Officer/Will/Leslie
Brett Robinson

Production Team

MJ Kaufman Playwright
Evren Odcikin Director
Erin Washburn Dramaturg
Melpomene Katakalos Set Designer
Shannon Zura Sound Designer
Maria Shaplin Lighting Designer
Katherine Fritz Costume Designer
John Wendling Properties Designer
Lauren Tracy Production Manager
Tom Helmer Stage Manager
Philadelphia Scenic Works Scene Shop
Claris Park Assistant Stage Manager


Human Rites

A new play inspired by the work of Dr. Richard Shweder and the lived experiences of Dr. Fuambai Sia Ahmadu. Michaela, an African American dean at a major American university, summons Alan, a renowned professor of cultural psychology, in response to student protest over his controversial paper on female initiation rites in sub-Saharan Africa. But dormant feelings from an affair years earlier turn a heated argument over science and cultural pluralism into a knock-down, drag-out fight. Rozin’s provocative play shatters the ivory tower of academia, upending questions of privilege and Western morality.

by Seth Rozin
directed by Harriet Power


Kimberly S. Fairbanks
Joe Guzman
Lynnette Freeman

Production Team

Seth Rozin Playwright
Harriet Power Director
Kittson O'Neill Dramaturg
Colin McIlvaine Set Designer
Jerry Forsyth Lighting Designer
Lizzy Pecora Costume Designer
Daniel Kontz SoundDesigner
John Wendling Properties
Lauren Tracy Production Manager
Tom Helmer Stage Manager/InterAct
Philadelphia Scenic Works Scene Shop
D'Arcy Dersham Dialect Coach
Paige Zubel Production Assistant

2016/2017 Season

You For Me For You

North Korean sisters Minhee and Junhee are torn apart at the border as they attempt to flee the “Best Nation in the World.” Each must race across time and space to be together again—navigating the perilous “Land of the Free” and the treacherous terrain of personal belief. Chung’s fantastical, humor-filled play is a kaleidoscope of imagery and beauty, casting light on the darkness of a secretive regime while simultaneously illuminating American values from a unique perspective.

by Mia Chung
directed by Rick Shiomi


Bi Jean Ngo Minhee
Mina Kawahara Junhee
Hillary Parker Liz
Justin Jain Doctor/Smuggler/All Citizens of the Well
Dwayne Thomas Man From The South

Production Team

Mia Chung Playwright
Rick Shiomi Director
Jungwoong Kim Choreographer
Melpomene Katakalos Set Designer
Peter Whinnery Lighting Designer
Shannon Zura Sound Designer
Susan Smythe Costume Designer
Amanda Hatch Properties Designer
Lauren Tracy Production Manager
Tom Helmer Stage Manager/InterAct
Erin Washburn  Co-Dramaturg
Paige Zubel  Co-Dramaturg
StoneDog Studios Set Fabrication



When an American fighter pilot becomes unexpectedly pregnant, she is reassigned to operate military drones from a windowless trailer outside Las Vegas.  By day, she hunts terrorists with signature dexterity and ferocity. By night, she enjoys a quiet family life in suburbia.  But as the pressure to track a high-profile target mounts, the boundaries begin to blur between the desert in which she lives and the one she patrols half a world away.

by George Brant
directed by Kathryn MacMillan



Kittson O'Neill THE PILOT

Production Team

George Brant Playwright
Kathryn MacMillan Director
NIck Embree Set Designer
Rob Kaplowitz Sound Designer
Masha Tsimring Lighting Designer
Jill Keys Costume Designer
Amanda Hatch Properties Designer
Dany Guy Production Manager
Stone Dog Studios Technical Direction
Tom Helmer Stage Manager/InterAct
Paige Zubel Assistant Dramaturg


Dogs Of Rwanda

At 16 years old David found himself in Uganda as a church missionary. When he follows the girl of his dreams into the woods to help a Rwandan boy he enters a world from which he will never escape. On the 20th anniversary of the genocide, a book David wrote regarding his experiences arrives with a note from the boy he tried to save: “There are untruths here." What David omitted will haunt him the rest of his life.

by Sean Christopher Lewis
Performed by Dan Hodge
Directed by Maura Krause

Dan Hodge (10).JPG


Dan Hodge  DAVID



In the raw, ever-pumping, kitchen of a busy Wall Street restaurant, George -- a master chef with a dark and tortured past -- rules over his crew with the swagger of a giant.  While grappling his inner demons, George has to manage two Guatemalan cooks, a nosy busboy, and an a-hole of a boss. But he forges an unlikely personal connection with the dishwasher, Steve, a mysteriously reserved  African immigrant.  Fast-paced and gritty, Snider’s pressure-cooker drama explores both the personal and moral questions that arise when the ugliness of the past boils over.      

by Will Snider
directed by Seth Rozin


Scott Greer George
Lindsay Smiling Steve
Jered McLenigan Michael
J Hernandez Carlos
Angel Sigala Miguel
Trevor William Fayle Jack
Maria Konstantinidis Kim

Production Team

Will Snider Playwright
Seth Rozin Director
Kittson O'Neill Dramaturg
Colin McIlvaine Set Designer
Larry Fowler Sound Designer
Robin Stamey Lighting Designer
Natalia de la Torre Costume Designer
Emily Schuman Properties Designer
Lauren Tracy Production Manager
Tom Helmer Stage Manager/InterAct
Paige Zubel Dramaturg
Stone Dog Studios Scene Shop
Esther Cohen Assistant Director
Jeremy Jason Assistant Lighting Designer
Dylan Wallace Assistant Stage Manager

2015/2016 Season


by Kristoffer Diaz
directed by Seth Rozin


Brett Ashley Robinson The Revolution
Mary Tuomanen The Witness
Anita Holland The Muscle
Stephanie N. Walters Aurora
Richard Chan Harvey/Charlie


Colin Mcilvaine Set Design
Katherine Fritz Costume Design
Peter Whinnery Lighting Design
Christopher Colucci Sound Design

After an impulsive, social‐media driven, revolution upends inequality in America, two young women try to navigate the unforeseen challenges that come with driving out the “powers‐that‐be”, when they are swiftly thrust into newly-acquired roles as leaders. As they recognize the ability to compel people to adhere to their own brand of social justice they start to investigate just what else it is they can do.


Straight White Men


by Young Jean Lee
directed by Matt Pfeiffer


Dan Kern Ed
Tim Dugan Jake
Kevin Meehan Drew
Steven Rishard Matt


Shannon Zura Lighting Design
Samina Vieth Set Design
Alison Roberts Costume Design
Larry D. Fowler, Jr. Sound Design

Every Christmas, Ed and his three sons get together, eat Chinese takeout, and unleash well-worn inside jokes while reminiscing about their unusual childhood. But this holiday season they are forced to consider a pivotal cultural reality underneath their constructed lives. Part deeply comedic social artifact, part emotional time-bomb, all framed in the context of a typical "living room" drama, Lee’s funny and moving play ultimately poses this tantalizing question: What does it mean to do the “right thing” as a straight white man?


The Nether


by Jennifer Haley
directed by Seth Rozin


Bi Jean Ngo Morris
Greg Wood Sims
Tim Moyer Doyle
Griffin Stanton-Ameisen Woodnut
Iris Emi Branes-Huff


Janus Stefanowicz Costume Design
Melpomene Katakalos Set Design
Rob Kaplowitz Sound Design
Maria Shaplin Lighting Design

In a dystopian future, a young detective investigates cyber-ethical crimes perpetrated in an addictive virtual universe. When an alluring suspect conjures up the disturbing real-world consequences of depraved online desires, Haley’s thrilling futurist parable incites a relentless search for what is tangible inside the ether of the net. 

2014/2015 Season



A World Premiere

by Christopher Chen
directed by Rick Shiomi


Ames Adamson Bob
Jessica DalCanton Joyce
Justin Jain Lin Bo
Bi Jean Ngo Wang Min
Christie Parker Curator


Elizabeth Atkinson Sound Design
Rachel Coon Costume Design
Mellie Katakalos Set Design
Bill Ng Visual Designer
Kittson O’Neill Dramaturg
Erin Washburn Assistant Dramaturg
Peter Whinnery Lighting Design

Chinese artist Lin Bo's harrowing tale of imprisonment has the world standing at attention--but when cracks appear in his story and accusations fly, his claims transform into a labyrinthine exploration of truth, art, appropriation, and justice where nothing is what it seems.

Winner: 2015 Independence Foundation Barrymore Award for Outstanding New Play


The Dangerous House of Pretty Mbane

An InterAct World Premiere

by Jen Silverman
directed by Pirronne Yousefzadeh


Eric Berryman Marcel
Ross Beschler Gregory
Akeem Davis Sicelo
Lynnette R. Freeman Pretty Mbane
Aimé Donna Kelly Noxolo


Katherine Fritz Costume Design
Carolyn Mraz Set Design
Dan Perelstein Sound Design
Maria Shaplin Lighting Design

In this beautiful and haunting play, South African soccer phenomenon Noxolo has found safety and freedom in England--but when her activist lover Pretty Mbane goes missing during the world Cup, Noxolo’s search brings her face to face with the demons of her past and her country’s blind eye towards violence against women. 

Commissioned by InterAct in 2011
Winner: 2014 Kennedy Center Paula Vogel Award in Playwriting
Winner: 2015 Virginia Brown Martin Philadelphia Award


Uncanny Valley

A World Premiere

by Thomas Gibbons
directed by Seth Rozin


Sally Mercer Claire
Frank X Julian


Christopher Colucci Sound Design
Nick Embree Set Design
Susan Smythe Costume Design
Peter Whinnery Lighting Design

From the ingenious mind behind Permanent Collection comes the story of Julian, the newest advancement in artificial intelligence, and Claire, the woman tasked with teaching him how to be human. 


The Three Christs of Manhattan

A World Premiere

Written by Seth Rozin
Directed by Seth Rozin & Kittson O’Neill


Judith Lightfoot Clarke Three
Akeem Davis Two
Dan Hodge One
Leah Walton Dr. Posner


Katherine Fritz Costume Design
Rob Kaplowitz Sound Design
Colin McIlvaine Set Design
Shannon Zura Lighting Design

In this absurdist comedy of ideas, Dr. Posner, a neurotic, atheist Jewish psychiatrist, is visited by three people claiming to be Jesus Christ, each convinced they need to make their case as the Messiah to save Dr. P's soul--or at least avoid the loony bin.