InterAct’s mission is to produce new plays that explore the challenging political and social questions of our times. At this time we are not accepting general submissions, in order to properly respond to previously submitted plays.

Our goal is to re-open general submissions by the end of summer 2019. We strongly recommend that you read our mission statement and list of previously produced plays before submitting.

Flip the Script on Play Submissions

InterAct regularly uses the New Play Exchange, powered by the National New Play Network, to find new work that fits our mission.

The New Play Exchange is the world’s largest digital library of scripts by living writers. Designed and built with the needs of the entire new play sector in mind, the New Play Exchange serves writers, producers, directors, artistic directors, literary managers, dramaturgs, publishers, agents, actors, professors, students, and even fans of theatre.

The mission of the New Play Exchange is to provide an open, egalitarian platform on which writers all over the world can share their work and others can discover that work.