OUR SPEAKER SERIES takes place after the Matinee Performance (at about 3:30 PM)-- all SENSITIVE GUYS ticket holders are welcome to attend.


following Sunday matinee performances, these are curated conversations led by invited scholars, community leaders, and experts in the themes of the play.

APRIL 1 - BRIAN EARP: Associate Director; Yale-Hastings Program in Ethics and Health Policy 


APRIL 8 -  Fuambai Sia Ahmadu, Anthropological scholar whose life and research has been a primary source for HUMAN RITES  - more on Dr. Ahmadu here

APRIL 15 - Salman Akhtar author and Professor of Psychiatry and Human Behavior at Jefferson Medical College in Philadelphia – More on Dr. Akhtar here

Audience Discussions/Other Speakers
Discussions occur after every other performance during the run. These are often facilitated by local community members to foster conversation after the show, connecting the themes and events of the play to our larger community.

Highlighted Discussions: 

FRI. MARCH 30th - Dr. Richard Shweder, Professor of cultural psychology at the University of Chicago, whose paper What about Female Genital Mutilation? And Why the Question of Culture Matters in the First Place, inspired HUMAN RITES more on Dr. Shweder here

SAT. MARCH 31 - Shannon SmithMary Chartier, & Takura Nyamfukudza Michgan lawyers in the explosive case on Female Genital Cutting practices that is currently taking place in Detroit